Let’s talk about your smile. It’s an important part of your presentation to the world. Unfortunately, life can sometimes throw us curveballs, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need some dental repairs. This could mean dental implants, dentures, or bridges. Now, choosing which restoration solution to go for could be a head-scratcher, but here’s where we come in. 

We’re going to present you with the reasons why dental implants are the best choice among the three. Read on as we break it down simply, point by point.

Dental Implant Procedure

Let’s start by understanding what the dental implant procedure involves. It typically unfolds over a number of visits to a dentist. This could be a dental implant dentist in Fargo. What do they do? Well, let’s break it down.

  • Going Over Everything: First, this dental professional will sit you down and get an entire scope of your oral health. This involves all sorts of checks and tests, like scrutiny of your jaw and even 3D imagery of your teeth.
  • Step-By-Step: After the checks, they then get to work. The dental implant, which is mostly a tiny body of metal, gets installed in the region where you’re missing a tooth. You then have to wait for a couple of months. During this time, your jawbone gradually grows around the implant and gives it a firm hold inside your mouth.
  • Capping It All Off: Once the implant is secure, they attach a small connecting component that will uphold the new tooth. The end game is having this replacement tooth (also known as a crown) fixed on this connector. Once fixed, the tooth will look very natural and perform as well as your other teeth!

Types of Dental Implants

Now, onto the types of dental implants. There are mainly two types out there.

  • The Regulars: Endosteal implants are the most common. They are installed directly into the jawbone itself. They’re commonly selected when patients have bridges or movable dentures.
  • The Alternatives: Subperiosteal implants, on the other hand, are not placed in the jawbone like endosteal. Instead, they are placed ON the jawbone, just under the gum. These are for patients who don’t have a deep-set jawbone or are unable to go through a procedure to rebuild it.

In some other specific cases, there are such things called mini dental implants in frago, ND. These are a mini version of the traditional implants and come useful when there is not enough space to install the traditional ones.

Materials for Dental Implants

While we’re on the implant subject, did you know they’re made from certain materials? The materials chosen play a big role in the longevity of the implant.

  • Metal Masterpiece: The most common among them is titanium. It is superb in strength and blends well with our body tissue, which makes it a perfect candidate for the job.
  • Ceramic Choice: Zirconia is another regularly used material. It is a kind of ceramic that not only offers strength and durability but also adds a pretty good decorative facade.

Dental Implant Care

Like most things, dental implants need to be taken care of. You must clean them consistently, just like your natural teeth. So what does that involve?

  • Brushing: Do so twice a day, every day, without fail.
  • Flossing: You also need to make it a point to floss every day.
  • Mouthwash: Use an antimicrobial mouth rinse to top it off.

Dental Implant Pain

Now, you might be worried about the discomfort involved in these procedures. Don’t be! Most patients report that the pain is quite manageable, not too far from what one experiences during tooth extraction. Plus, any discomfort post-procedure can be easily managed with simple, over-the-counter painkillers.

Dental Implant Cost

Naturally, the cost of dental implants is a crucial factor. It changes depending on a lot of variables. For example, how many teeth need to be replaced, what kind of implant you are getting, the type of material used, and the general condition of your oral health. Yes, dental implants can be a bit costly when compared to bridges or dentures. However, they offer more bang for the buck in the long run by lasting a lifetime, thereby lowering the overall costs.

Long-lasting Solution and Cost-effective Dental Restoration

The fact is dental implants, when compared to dentures and bridges, are the only solution that can, in actuality, last a lifetime. With just the right maintenance and regular dental check-ups, they prove to be a more cost-effective dental restoration solution in the bigger picture.

Preservation of Jaw Bone

Amongst the assortment of dental restoration solutions, only dental implants are known to preserve the natural bone growing around the implant, which helps maintain the facial structure. They have also been documented to stimulate natural bone growth. So in a way, they contribute to maintaining the size and shape of your jaw, keeping things normal and natural.

Natural-looking Smile and Enhanced Oral Health

Using dental implants to replace missing teeth does not mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics. Quite the contrary, dental implants mimic the look of natural teeth even to the finest details due to the fact that the prosthesis is designed to combine with the individual’s facial structure to provide a natural-looking smile. This invariably equates to improved oral health.

Improved Speech and Comfort

Anyone who’s had a missing tooth or two would know how much it can affect pronunciation or speech. Luckily, dental implants don’t cause such problems. They offer improved comfort (when compared to removable dentures) and help maintain the structure of your face and smile.

Convenience and Durability

If you think about it, versus removable dentures, dental implants are basically friendly additions to your mouth. You don’t have to remove them daily for cleaning. They work just like our natural teeth. The comfort of daily life is vastly improved. If properly taken care of, dental implants are known to give a fantastic, long-term solution by being exceptionally durable.

Emergency Dental Care

In more extreme, critical cases, you might be faced with situations that require emergency dental care. This could range from anything like a strong toothache to a completely knocked-out tooth. In these situations, one urgently needs immediate dental help. To best handle traumatic dental injuries, it’s important that these cases be tended to as soon as they occur.


So, there you have it. A comprehensive rundown of why dental implants are a fantastic choice when it comes to dental restoration. They offer a host of benefits, including preserving the natural jawbone, improving speech and comfort, being highly convenient, and contributing to better oral health. They keep over the long run, enhance your aesthetics with their natural look, and offer enhanced durability, comfort, and convenience. This informatively sums up why many people are increasingly choosing dental implants over dentures and bridges.

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